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Are you a graduate in biology or one of the biological sciences? Are you looking for a new career direction, or an additional income?

Do you have a post-graduate qualification or specialist experience in the biological sciences? If so, we have the ideal opportunity for you.

Careers in biology are as diverse as the biological sciences themselves, but no other science communication job offers the degree of flexibility that we offer, with fees reflecting the standard of work required.

Our writers can control every aspect of their working life, including the amount of work they take on in any given time period. You can work as much or as little as you choose, and our competitive fees are the best in the business.

You can manage your own workload, all we ask is that you provide a high standard of written English on time with deadlines, with good attribution of sources, and can access the most up to date scientific journals in your discipline.


You will be a graduate, post graduate or doctoral graduate in the biological sciences, including: human biology; microbiology; neurobiology; molecular biology; biochemistry; anatomy; bioinformatics; cell biology; biotechnology; biophysics; developmental biology; cryobiology; ecology and environmental biology; agriculture; bioengineering; ethology; pathobiology; physiology and zoology.

You will have experience studying and working in any of these fields, a critical insight into the current debates and emergent trends in research findings in your discipline, and the applied knowledge required for effective scientific writing. In particular you will be able to effectively express biological and technical principles in writing, to the required format.

To be eligible to apply for this vacancy you must have:

  1. A minimum of a 2:1 undergraduate degree
  2. Excellent written English skills
  3. A degree awarded by a UK, US or Australian university


As this role is freelance, the earnings are based upon the hours worked, standard of work completed and number of words written each day. You can use the calculator below to gain an idea of the rates of pay we are able to obtain for you:

Words per day

2000 Words

Days worked per month

10 Days

Standard of work

2:1 Undergraduate


Words per day 2000
Days worked 10 Days
Standard of work 2:1 Undergraduate

Earn £1000.00 a month*

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* These prices represent the vast majority of order rates; yet in some niche areas, we are able to gain a higher rate for you, while a few other areas attract a lesser rate. Also, these prices represent the base rates but, as the freelance academic writing is seasonal, we are able to obtain significantly higher fees during peak periods. The rates shown are after deduction of our agency fee.

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Application process

Before filling out the application you will need your proof of identity and proof of qualifications to be scanned and ready to submit.