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Is your Forensic Science degree helping you to realise your potential? If you have a degree in Forensic Science, at any level or classification, there may be work available in freelance writing at Academic Knowledge.

Some students of Forensic Science need extra support in excelling in their degree, an area which you have proven success. Academic Knowledge are a student support service company that can connect students to the help they seek.

Many students feel overwhelmed and may experience difficulties in seeking help, or may find that some parts of the course are particularly challenging. They may receive good grades in Analytical Chemistry, but struggle in Genetics. They may want to improve their marks but are having trouble breaking bad habits hindering their success in written work

Freelance writers at Academic Knowledge assist such students by preparing model answers and course work, including lab reports and fabricated data.


We require all our researchers to have a recognised university degree to at least a 2:1 level.

The reality is that many of our researchers are qualified at Master's level and above, and have extensive experience of working within a Forensic Science environment.

We also welcome applicants with qualifications in criminology, criminal law, criminal justice, mechanics, analytical chemistry, chemical sciences, toxicology or genetics.

To be eligible to apply for this vacancy you must have:

  1. A minimum of a 2:1 undergraduate degree or equivalent (60%+)
  2. Excellent written English skills


As this role is freelance, the earnings are based upon the hours worked, the standard of work completed and the number of words written each day. You can use the calculator to gain an idea of the rates of pay we are able to obtain for you.

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