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Most graduates in History continue to eulogise about their courses, long after they have left university. Whether a mediaevalist or a modernist, a Euro-centric historian, or a political historian, those with History degrees always show a passion for their former studies.

When a student of History is struggling – perhaps he or she is specialising in modules concerned with the history of the City and London as a financial centre and is suddenly confronted by an assignment on the Emergence of Europe AD300-1050 – he or she may contact us for help. Academic Knowledge are a student support service company that can connect students to the help they seek.

When a student contacts us for help, you will be notified and can decide whether or not you wish to assist. Usually, the assistance is in the form of writing a model answer. However, it may be that they just need help with the final chapter of a dissertation or are struggling with finding sources to corroborate their argument. Whatever it is, if you are happy to help, you just let Academic Knowledge know and your interest in helping the student is registered.


We require all our researchers to have a recognised university degree to at least a 2:1 level.

We are well aware that Historians are specialists and that they tend to favour particular periods and nations. It is up to you which pieces of work (if any) you wish to offer your assistance and you will never be pressurised to complete work for which you are either not qualified (i.e. above the degree level(s) and classification(s) that you yourself obtained) interested or have enough time to complete.

This work gives you a great opportunity to revisit areas you may not have studied since university and utilise your experience and skills to earn some extra money.

To be eligible to apply for this vacancy you must have:

  1. A minimum of a 2:1 undergraduate degree or equivalent (60%+)
  2. Excellent written English skills


As this role is freelance, the earnings are based upon the hours worked, the standard of work completed and the number of words written each day. You can use the calculator to gain an idea of the rates of pay we are able to obtain for you.

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