Do model answers help students cheat?

Dear Writer,

There are many companies on the web who sell essays to students and who care very little about whether the student tries to pass off the work as their own or not. As a fellow academic, I can honestly say that I would not even consider working with any company that encouraged or tolerated cheating in any way, shape or form. I would like to reassure you that Academic Knowledge is not such a company.

I will outline the company’s position in relation to cheating – a view that I share, and something that all of the staff at Academic Knowledge feel very strongly about. It is unquestionable that there is a proper use for model answers. University lecturers hand these out regularly to students as examples of how to complete work. Blackstone’s publish books of them (Q & A books), again as examples of how to complete work. So we can safely say that model answers –- which are just one of the services that Academic Knowledge provides – do not necessarily encourage students to cheat.

Academic Knowledge is a company that has sought to stand out from other companies in its policies relating to the use of model answers. It publishes a fair use policy on every single sales website that ever goes live, and our press coverage provides evidence that we have never, ever advocated cheating among our customers. We do not sell the copyright to students, and we always advise students that they cannot hand the work in. Every single member of staff in our office receives regular training on fair use. To view our fair use policy please click on the button below:

Fair use policy 

It is unfortunate that we are grouped with other companies who do not share our values. However, please let me assure you that not all freelance writing companies are the same. Academic Knowledge has worked very hard in the past – and will continue to work hard in the future – to promote the proper use of student support materials. I am proud to be able to say, with confidence, that we help students to achieve, not to cheat.

I hope that you will join Academic Knowledge as a researcher/writer, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.


Researcher Relations Team

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