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Academic Knowledge is the industry leader in the production of academic assistance and support materials for students worldwide.

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Why Academic Knowledge?

As a freelance writer working with us, you'll complete academic based jobs from students, businesses and more. You'll have the opportunity to flex your writing muscles and utilise, improve, and refine your expert academic knowledge. Every day is unique with new jobs posted daily, offering a challenging, unique, and interesting freelance work experience the whole year round.

Work Freedom

Work for Academic Knowledge is completed entirely online, which means as long as you have access to the internet you can work from wherever you want. Simply register your interest for the jobs you would like to do, and fit your working time around your life. No more dress code, mandatory office hours, or commuting!


How much do we pay? Well that is almost completely up to you. We offer some of the industry's most competitive rates, and we pay individually for every brief you submit, meaning that the more work you take on, the more money you will be paid. It genuinely is as simple as that.

Constant Support

We understand that being a freelance writer can be difficult at times. We aim to provide every freelance writer that works with us, all the support they need to produce fantastic work every time. From content advice, a general helping hand, or simply a little encouragement to help shape the work as you envisage it, you're never alone.


We love our writers so we try to ensure you feel as much a part of the team as our internal staff. As a researcher with us you'll also be invited to our annual exclusive researcher event, 'AK Day'. This event is hosted each year in honour of all the hard work carried out by our researcher team as a small token of our appreciation. It also provides everyone with a great opportunity to meet the team and 'put a face to a name'.

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