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If you are looking for an online writer job then you need to gain experience in writing online. Academic Knowledge can help you do this because – as the leading provider of custom written work – we have online copywriting jobs available to accommodate our expanding number of online companies, all of which need online writers.

Academic Knowledge have always functioned entirely via the internet, having pioneered custom writing, and this has allowed us to expand worldwide. We expect excellence from our writers and our rates of pay reflect our commitment to this. You will be developing your freelance online writing skills and your research skills, as well as being paid well. If this sounds interesting, contact us, as we want to hear from you.

If you have been used to writing professionally in any capacity, you will know that it is in many ways formal and restrictive, especially in terms of presentation. You will also know, even as a reader, that the attention span of browsers are notoriously short, and this increases on the internet with literally millions of pages of copy vying for your attention.

Writing online is therefore an extremely specialised skill, as you need to adopt a more relaxed style and also a briefer means of expression.

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