Postgraduate Writer Jobs

Have you just finished your master’s degree? Are you currently studying for a postgraduate qualification such as a PGD or PGCE, or perhaps working towards your PhD? Academic Knowledge is looking for you.

We have freelance writing jobs in all subject areas, and you could be in an ideal position to write for us.

Academic Knowledge primarily produces academic model answers for students. As a postgraduate, you will be in a unique position of having access to all the materials and sources you need to write for us. Additionally, you will be reinforcing and improving your academic skills – through practising them and increasing your knowledge, or building upon your current learning. If you’re studying for a master’s, this makes the position an ideal chance to develop your writing talents for your own work. You’ll be undertaking a rewarding challenge that benefits you both academically and financially – a perfect combination.

Ideal postgraduate candidates will be:

  • Highly proficient in English spelling and grammar.
  • Able to identify, utilise and access good academic sources.
  • Able to manage time and workload effectively.
  • Happy to make amendments where necessary.

Whether you’re a recent postgraduate looking for your first work experience, you’re currently studying and would like to support your learning and income, or you already have a job and just need a flexible way to supplement your earnings, we have the freelance writing job you’ve been looking for!

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