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At Academic Knowledge, we do not have individual proofreading jobs available. Experience in proofreading however is a fantastic skill for our writers to have! We also offer a marking service to our clients, which degree qualified individuals with proofreading skills may be interested in.

If you hold a minimum of an Undergraduate 2:1, have impeccable English spelling & grammar skills, and have experience in marking, critiquing and proofreading students’ work, we have writing and marking jobs available right now!

What do our markers & proofreaders do?

As a marker for Academic Knowledge, you will proofread and mark work directly in your area(s) of study.

Proofreading, marking and critiquing – our most comprehensive and popular service, you will provide an extensively corrected and critiqued piece of work. Alongside the mark, you will provide a thorough critique of the content of the piece, giving the client pointers and tips in order to improve their work and increase their grade.

How much proofreading work is available?

It is worth noting that the competition for assignments is tough – you will only be able to complete work in areas you are qualified in. We have a variety of proofreading jobs available, but the competition is fierce.

Why complete proofreading work at Academic Knowledge?

At Academic Knowledge, when completing a marking job you will be proofreading and marking a students completed work. As a marker, you will be helping the client in a huge variety of ways, by giving them support they may not be necessarily receiving at university. With large class sizes and multiple tutors, students (particularly international students) can find it difficult to attain the support they require.

By proofreading and marking a student's work, you will not only help them understand and improve their work, but also help them identify the common English spelling & grammar mistakes that can be made.

Want to apply?

Ideal candidates for our marking and proofreading job positions include current Masters and PhD students (as you may mark Undergraduate work as part of your position); Teachers and Lecturers (former and current); and exam markers.

Please note that you must hold a minimum of an Undergraduate degree to be considered. Proofreading qualifications, whilst desirable, cannot be considered on their own and can only be used to support your application.

The criteria includes:

  • Minimum of an Undergraduate 2:1 degree.
  • Flawless English spelling & grammatical skills.
  • Use of Microsoft Word and knowledge of track changes and commenting.
  • Proofreading and/or marking experience.

Academic Knowledge are always looking for talented proofreaders. If you fulfil the criteria then do not delay in completing our application form. Apply today.

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